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So, what do you like do?

Do?! Watch TV, play Tomb Raider...

Brian & Justin Fans
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This community is for Queer as Folk fans who believe that Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor are meant to be together, forever.

Brian and Justin may not be the most conventional couple, but they are one of the best out there.

Please go here for further refrences.

Try to stay on topic.

Feel free to post fanfic about the couple, graphics and anything else that is related to Brian and Justin. Anything regarding the actors who play Brian and Justin (Gale Harold and Randy Harrison) is welcome aswell.

Spoilers will be allowed, but you must have them under LJ-Cut with text saying "B/J SPOILER". This is for the fans who would like to stay spoiler free and we kindly ask that you do this.

Being that there are SO many B/J moments, my fellow MOD and I have decided to follow in the footsteps of house_of_gale.

This means that every other day a picture (or part of a picture) from a B/J moment will be posted as that week's "Guess that B/J Scene" Game. Then, you have 24 hours to submit the season and episode that picture came from. Then polls will be counted and the winners will be announced ASAP. After ever 7 games a champion of that game will be announced and rewarded with either a champion banner, icon or MP3 (from the show).

In the event there is a tie, the competitors will be given another picture or a quote and the first one who submits their answers wins.

Comments will be screened so that there is no cheating. >=)

If any wars start in this community, those involved will be banned until further notice.

Unless we just plain out don't like you. Which is a rare case because our kind little hearts love EVERYONE (until you give use a reason not to) ! =P

Otherwise there will be no other banning. YAY! =D


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Your community maintainers are m4tth3w and tratip.

We are nice people and we'd like to keep it that way. SO DO NOT PISS US OFF!! Just kidding...piss away.;D

Brief MOD Bio

You're MODs have been both tested for retarded and the results are positive. They were twins separated at birth and now live in different areas of the country. One in the North and the other in the South. One can do more push ups than the other (not m4tth3w). And the other takes 30-35 minutes in the shower (not tratip).=)

Community originally created by taintedattitude.

Have Fun! =)